About My Work
I continue to work for for Harris Health System, in Harris County, Houston, Texas as an IT Informatics professional. For the sixth year in a row, Harris Health System earned the “Most Wired” recognition in the 18th annual survey and benchmarking study conducted by the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives. This year, Harris Health is one of 17 hospitals in Texas and four other healthcare systems in greater Houston to be recognized as Most Wired.

Most Wired hospitals are utilizing population health management tools and partnering with other healthcare providers to share critical clinical information used in analyzing interventions aimed at key patient groups, such as those with diabetes. To get patients the right care, hospitals are using predictive modeling to eliminate preventable problems. 
• 53 percent interface electronic health record data with population health tools. 
• 62 percent stratify patients according to risk. 
• 51 percent aggregate data from patient encounters to create a community health record.
 Prior to being promoted to an IT Clinical Epic Analyst, I was hired by Harris Health System as a IT Business Analyst as an  Epic Trainer for ISD Adult education in the IT Education Department, under the direction of Michelle Moore. 

Michelle who is still the Director of IT Education, has been with the company for quite a while and has an extremely good grasp on the needs of the organization when it relates to the education of practitioner's. Being a from a clinical background herself, not only had she experienced the clinical environment, but has an excellent grasp on how clinical workflows should co-exist with the technical environment, and the best methods to achieve those goals. Having a great director helps an instructor, or any analyst provide what is needed to their clients. The clients of course are the providers, and the patients. While working under Michelle, I taught on a variety of Epic systems such as Epic ASAP (EC/ED), Epic Ambulatory, and Epic Clin Doc. Michelle was highly instrumental in my movement to becoming a clinical analyst, and I'm happy to still be collaborating with here on a daily basis.

Projects Details

Jan 2015 – Present Current and Upcoming Projects

Project manager: ICD 10 Upgrade (completed 10/1/15), CARF-IRF-PAI Upgrade (completed 10/1/16), SharePoint optimization upgrade for EMR testing, BCA Testing, Wellness Champion, Project Manager for 2015 Upgrade. 

July 2014 – Jan 2015 Epic 2014 Upgrade Project - Inpatient Team (4 members). 

Verification, selection, and determination of potential upgrades covering automatic changes to the user interface, automatic changes to existing behaviors of the core system, fixes to existing system that requires setup from both the 2012 upgrade and 2014 upgrade, and regulatory compliance covering core measures and meaningful use. This included the audit of several system wide products such as EpicCare Inpatient Clinical Documentation, EpicCare Impatient, EpicCare Inpatient Orders, ASAP, Stork, and administrative tools. 

Dec 2013 – Present Epic Inpatient, ICD, BCA, ASAP, Anesthesia, OpTime &    Stork User Acceptance Testing, Luby’s, CERME, WatchChild

UAT coordination and support for EPIC and Third party project team’s with metrics and statistical responsibilities of testing outcomes, scheduling, issue logs, remediation coordination, and tester attendance.

Apr 2014 – Aug 2014 Epic Immunization Workflow Redesign

Re-design of the immunization workflow for influenza and pneumococcal screening. Entire project included analysis/evaluation, build, data courier transmission through three environments, multiple workflow test script designs, creation of user acceptance testing sessions (UAT), test script presentation to management and users, at three (3) Harris Health System Hospitals (Pavilions: BTGH, LBG, QM). Design, build, and coordination of metrics data collection processes / documentation to included one hundred and fifty (150) patient and bed tests used in four (4) separate remote UAT sessions and 4 onsite UAT sessions. Shared and reviewed test analysis data from UAT with management indicating a successful project completion. System redesign included flowsheets, task templates, BPA Base and criteria records, section summary and hyperlinks, print groups and navigator templates. 

Dec 2013 - Jul 2014 Epic Transcription Reports Auto Routing

Transcription report auto-routing issue which causes operative, discharge, and other report messages to appear in providers In Basket in Epic Hyperspace incorrectly. Eighteen (18) different types of reports are being routed to six (6) different types of providers which are not able to be signed, or removed from In Basket. Ongoing problem from 2009 Upgrade. 

My Epic technical support and training is extensive covering user acceptance testing (unit and regression), order builds, and support on system planning, design, and implementation of go-lives covering different Epic modules. We are currently just beyond an Epic Hyperspace 2014 upgrade, and moving towards an Epic 2015 and 2016 upgrades with IT support, IT Educational support, and IT module implementation actively being administered along the way.  I have been involve with many of the upgrades of the core system and individual modules such as ICD-10, BCA, CARF-IRF-PAI, and am slated to manage the 2015 core upgrade, under the counsel and guidance of my Director David Burnett, and Lead Tracy Stratton. 

Operations Details

As an Epic Business Analyst, as well as a Clinical Analyst, I ensured that the operational interests of my respective functional area was being fully represented in the day-to-day operations and/or the projects of the Information Systems Department. 


In addition to my operational duties, I also represented the HIS Clinical IT Department on several occasions with Executive Vice President  rounds at Ben Taub General Hospital, and LBJ Hospital. I rounded with executive staff to assist with the resolution of existing, potential, and past IT issues with Mr. George Masi - CEO, Mr. Michael Norby – CFO, Dr. Fred Sutton - CMO, Mrs. Elizabeth Cloyd, DNP – former CNO, which was coordinated by Vicki William - Patient Satisfaction Administration. I also attend several People and Services Committee meetings to discuss the the current state of the IT support team in relation to the expected or desired outcome by stakeholders. Again coordinated by Vicki William - Patient Satisfaction Administration.


Operationally, this role supported all applications deployed within the Harris County Hospital District system. Some of the basic duties included:

1.        Support of all of the following Epic modules, ASAP (EC/ED), Inpatient, Ambulatory, and the core system.

2.        All UAT functions of the OpTime, Anesthesia, and Stork Project and the Immunization Project (Pneumococcal and Influenza screening workflow redesign, build, and implementation). Both were system-wide initiatives.

3.        Functional processes and business rules related to the applications being implemented / supported.

4.        Participation in requirements analysis sessions and develop design specifications for reports and application configuration.  

5.        Participation in process workflow sessions and develop workflow maps. 

6.        Identification of tasks and levels of effort for the implementation of solutions

7.        Configuration of applications with moderate input from more experienced analysts (i.e. Epic Tech Support, as needed).

8.        Reporting of project activity and status to management

9.        Identification, resolution, and escalation of project issues (when necessary) in a reasonable period of time

10.     Development of clear and concise documentation that facilitates repeatable configuration and migration of the applications (Change Control, Execution plans, backout plans)

11.     Provision of information to I.T. Education as needed to support training activities with prior training service in multiple modules as a guideline.

12.     Development and execution of test scripts that thoroughly exercise the system for unit and release cycle testing.

13.     Performance of application troubleshooting and problem solving

14.     Effective multi-tasking of activities to prioritization and coordinate effectively meeting overlapping deadlines.

15.     Escalation issues appropriately and expeditiously to appropriate individuals

16.     Be on call (after hours) as needed

17.     Maintained Professional Development -  Obtained/Maintained certifications for the package solutions and technologies in my area of responsibility. Currently finalizing Epic Inpatient Procedure Orders  Certification, and Epic Inpatient Clinical Documentation Certification combined both to be used in combination with radiation background.

                  18. Strived for and maintained Patient Satisfaction Job Standard - Worked collaboratively   
                   with colleagues to deliver patient/customer services that met or exceeded patient
                   expectations as evidenced by patient satisfaction scores.  Reference letters and review scores
                   available upon request.
                   19. Delivered exceptional customer service by embracing ServiceFIRST standards of
                    behavior during all patient, visitor and staff encounters. To include:

v  Friendliness:  Make eye contact and smile. Introduce yourself; offer assistance.  Say the patient’s name often.

v  Integrity:  Ensure our customers’ right to privacy and modesty. Do what you say you’ll do.  Exceed expectations.

v  Responsibility:  Live HCHD’s mission. Be accountable. Take pride in your appearance and keep our facilities clean.

v  Satisfaction:  Say words like, “my pleasure,” and “I’ll be happy to.”  Give everyone prompt service; keep them informed.
                    20. Teamwork:  Respect and encourage co-workers so our guests’ needs are met.  Encourage
                    co-workers and recognize them for a job well done.
Prior to graduating from the Biomedical Informatics program at UT SBMI in the Summer of 2013.  I was very happy to be employed as a graduate research assistant charged with the instructional design (ISD) of the UTMB SON DNP 6337 Health Informatics Systems Perspective program, offered to The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas (UTMB) through The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, School of Biomedical Informatics (UTHSC-SMBI), under the direction of Dr. Robert Vogler, and didactic training under Dr. Brixey, among others.

On August 10th, 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from from The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas. Where my degree speciality was Radiological Sciences in Diagnostic Imaging with an emphasis in Education (ISD & adult education) and Management. On May 15th, 2011, I also received an A.A.S. in the Radiological Sciences of Radiation Therapy, to include a year of clinical experience, and a prior certification in emergency medicine (EMS).  


In the pastI tried to make a conscious effort to funnel and emphasize my degrees in technology, education, training, and management and feel that biomedical informatics is a logical and exciting step towards my goal of healthcare IT training and consultancy in biomedical informatics.

I also feel that my interest in healthcare IT (HIT/MIT/Informatics) is no doubt due to my combined interest in medicine and computer technology. A background that I had exposure to while serving with the United States Air Force Space Command as a Space Systems Operations Specialist.
A diverse background of sales, management, and training (ISD/adult education), after the military allowed me to experience management and consultancy in several key industries to include: Business start-ups, operations management, information and scientific technologies, human resources and staff development, health care, radiation physics and safety, education delivery and instructional design, and more.
Please visit the summary page for the ability to review past written papers, projects, speeches, training classes, and Harris Health - Epic projects and support issues.
Thank you.
Matt Cohen
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